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Employee Wellness Programme

About Universal 360°The Universal Employee Wellness Programme (EWP) focuses on partnering with client organisations in order to achieve healthy and productive employees. Our approach is to proactively focus on awareness, education and the promotion of health and wellness.
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Executive Health & Wellness Solutions

Universal 360° Executive HealthThe long hours spent sitting indoors at a computer while constantly rushing to complete tasks can take a toll on the health of your executive team. Recent studies have shown that more and more office executives are suffering from health conditions such as stress, backache and physical and mental fatigue, to name but a few. read more

Health & Wellness Days

About Universal 360°We are your partners every step of the way in improving the health, happiness and performance of your organisation and its employees. What good is it having clear goals for your company if your workforce does not have the energy and the health to go out and attain them? read more

Health & Wellness Passport

Universal 360° Executive HealthBoost the effect of your Wellness Day by providing your employees with the Universal Health and Wellness Passport. Educational information is provided throughout the booklet, creating a high level of health awareness and empowering employees to take charge of their health.
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Health & Wellness Education

About Universal 360°More and more people are becoming aware of the importance of living a balanced lifestyle and practicing preventative healthcare. However, sometimes a little help is needed in getting there.
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Health & Wellness Challenges

Universal 360° Executive HealthHave fun with your team while building health awareness with Universal Health and Wellness Challenges. These challenges create a positive climate of fun and camaraderie, and help employees to adopt or maintain a healthy way of living. read more

Health & Wellness Consulting

Universal 360° Executive HealthUniversal Corporate Health’s Health and Wellness Consulting Services will assess your needs as a company and tailor-make wellness interventions to specifically meet and address the wellness requirements of your employees. read more

HIV Counselling & Testing (HCT) Management Programme

About Universal 360°HIV counselling and testing is a vitally important first step in reaching out to individuals living with HIV and AIDS. The ultimate objective of this programme is to ensure that employees are able to live a normal healthy life, feel well and be productive at work.
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