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"If you are taking care of the world and its problems, should someone not be taking care of you?"

About Universal Corporate Health and Wellness

We know only too well that those who run the show cannot always find the time to look after their health, therefore we are dedicated to providing first-class expert health services that assist executives to become aware of the risk factors they might face timeously. In this way, they can take the necessary preventative action to ensure a healthier tomorrow.

The Universal medical examination is conducted by a medical doctor/specialist physician and includes the following services:

  • Medical/lifestyle assessment
  • Fasting pathology test
  • Physical examination
  • Cardiovascular assessment including resting and stress ECG
  • Respiratory assessment including lung function test
  • Radiology screening including chest x-ray
  • Health report
  • Additional services and follow-up packages are also available

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Universal Core Executive Medical with additional services and follow-up packages
Because follow-up is very important in healthcare, we have made the following select services available to help address the needs of your executive team.


1. Additional Services

A host of value-added services are offered by Universal. The following optional extras can be added to the executive medical at an additional cost.

1.1 Clinical
  • Abdominal sonar
  • Heart sonar
  • Carotid sonar
  • Mammogram (>40 years)/breast ultrasound (<40 years)
  • Cardiovascular genetic screening
  • Colon cancer screening
  • Bone density (DEXA scan)
  • Vision assessment
  • Audiometry screening
1.2 Nutritional
  • Nutritional assessment by a dietitian
  • Food history and food diary exercise
  • Provision of an individual diet plan
  • DNA diet
  • DNA health
1.3 Physical
  • Fitness assessment by a biokineticist
  • Exercise prescription by a biokineticist
  • Workplace ergonomics assessment
  • Personal trainer (one-hour session)
  • Pilates (one-hour session)
1.4 Psychosocial
  • Psychosocial/emotional assessment by psychologist
  • Work-life balance assessment
  • Stress assessment
  • Fatigue assessment survey
  • Burnout assessment
1.5 Pampering
  • On-site massage
  • Off-site spa treatment
  • Breakfast
  • Snack pack
  • Lunch
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