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Universal Post Exposure Prophylaxis

Post exposure prophylaxis services safeguards employees

About Universal Corporate Health and Wellness

Universal Healthcare offers employers outstanding post exposure prophylaxis (PEP) services for employees who have been exposed to hazardous biological agents (HBAs) in the workplace.

Exposure may occur in the form of a needle stick injury (NSI) or through a splash or spill. Universal Healthcare offers a range of services and interventions to ensure a timeous and appropriate response to any possible exposure to an HBA. We also offer employees support services such as confidential counselling.

Post exposure prophylaxis services include:

  • 24-hour professional telephonic counselling and advice
  • Intake and record management of all PEP incidents
  • Initiating PEP starter pack medication
  • Adherence counselling for PEP treatment
  • HIV pre-test counselling and consent
  • Pathology screening for exposed employees and source patients
  • Risk assessment following pathology results
  • Referrals to HIV specialists for exposed employees with pathology abnormalities and/or adverse effects of PEP medication.
  • Provision of the remainder of PEP treatment packs after clinical risk assessment
  • Confidential reporting

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