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Join Universal 360°

Sit back, take a deep breath of fresh air and get ready to see your life from a brand-new perspective.

Universal 360° Alpha

Membership on our comprehensive option is available to everyone, no matter which medical scheme you belong to or whether or not you belong to one at all.

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You may already have read about our partners and our approach to your health and wellness in which case you know what it is that sets us apart from all the other loyalty programmes out there. We’re just so excited about what we have to offer that we’re taking every opportunity to tell you about it!

  • First of all, we offer affordable and competitive membership fees.
  • Secondly, the fee waivers and discounts of between 5 – 30% that we have secured from our partners are AMAZING. We are adding real value to your life by making important services more accessible to you, from health and wellness programmes, to security services and a host of other offerings.
  • The third point is we take a holistic approach to your life and we're not just saying that. This entire programme was born out of a holistic concept – we look at your body, your mind, your emotions and your environment. Hence our name – we look at things from every angle.
  • Fourthly, Universal 360° Alpha is not about ‘nice frilly extras’ – it’s about preventative care. We want you to take every step possible towards the happiness and health that may prevent you from becoming ill.
  • And finally, Universal 360° Alpha has been designed to include anyone who wants to take control of their life. This programme is not only available to the scheme and corporate client members of Universal Healthcare, but also to independent individuals, because everyone deserves a chance to turn their life around.

That’s it - five good reasons why you should join Universal 360° Alpha.

Hope we see you soon!

For more information please contact our 360° Team at 086 155 LIVE (5483)

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