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As part of the Universal ZOOPP™ initiative, mediBucks is also available to CompCare members as an alone-standing offering. Now more than ever, access to quality healthcare matters. So does financial control. With mediBucks, you can keep track of your healthcare savings and where they go while saving money on out-of-pocket medical expenses.


  • Create a personalised savings account to cover self-payment gaps on your medical scheme claims.
  • Use your mediBucks facility to budget and pay for healthcare services you want but are not covered by your medical aid. Such as elective cosmetic treatments and procedures.
  • Benefit from getting your out-of-pocket pharmacy and pharmacy clinic services at pre negotiated preferred rates.


1. Universal submits an unpaid medical aid claim or invoice amount directly to your mediBucks account.
2. You select up-front the shortfall categories to be automatically paid from your mediBucks account.
3. Top up your savings via EFT as and when it suits you.


Fund your mediBucks account via EFT deposits as and when you want.
The following account limits apply:

  • Minimum account balance: R100
  • Maximum account balance: R40 000

Fee Structure (incl. VAT)

  • Minimum account balance: R100
  • Main member, including dependants - R18.40/month

Transaction and claim switching fees are capped at R5.48 and R3.00 respectively. Interest earned on credit balance:
R1 – R499 0,75%
R500 – R1 999 1%
R2 000 – R4 999 1,5%
R5 000 + 3%

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Take Your Healthcare Cover Even Further! As one of the country’s most forward-thinking healthcare companies, we are proud to share with you our latest innovation, ZOOPP™ – Zero-Out-Of-Pocket-Payment. This exceptional new offering was developed by Universal specifically with CompCare and uGap members in mind. Find out more about ZOOPP™ and the real difference it can make in your life, right now.Explore