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Universal.one makes its presence felt in the American market

South-African company makes its international debut at world technology event

Johannesburg, South Africa: 17 March 2022, Over the past three years, specialist integrated healthcare group Universal Healthcare, the largest independent company of its kind in South Africa, has quietly and efficiently spread its wings across the United States of America.

The latest addition to the Universal Group, known as Universal.one™ Inc, headquartered in Research Triangle Park, North Carolina, this week officially launched its range of innovation products to the American market at the HIMSS Global Health conference. Known for bringing innovators together for education and collaboration the world healthcare technology event is currently underway in Orlando, Florida from 14 to 18 March.

Commenting on the development from the United States, Dr Johan Pretorius Chief Executive Officer of the Universal Healthcare Group, said that the group had made significant strides in developing innovative new healthcare products and services to enhance its offering to clients in South Africa, the Indian Ocean Islands and more recently in the USA.

“One of the Universal.one™ products presented during the conference, uVax.one™, is an online vaccine management system which was rolled out as a part of a United States federal health initiative with regional coverage that includes Texas, California and Arizona and commenced in the fourth quarter of 2021. This was done in partnership with AMI Expeditionary Healthcare [AMI], a provider of tailored healthcare solutions to government agencies, the private sector, international aid organisations, and humanitarian concerns.

“We are both honoured and excited that the work done by AMI and Universal.one™, its impact and our vision for future collaboration, is being presented at the prestigious HIMSS Global Health Conference,” Dr Pretorius noted.

Tom Douglas, Vice President for Business Development at Universal.one™, Inc. added that uVax.one™, one of three products to be marketed by Universal.one™, is essentially a simple and effective way to manage mass COVID-19 vaccination. “It enables healthcare providers to connect on a digital platform where it offers anything from appointment scheduling to vaccination and testing verification, online consent and pre-screening, appointment reminders, reporting, as well as inventory management – all of which is fully integrated with State Health Registries,” he added emphasising that the vaccination initiative has made a significant difference in the health and safety of a large number of communities affected by the pandemic in the United States.

According to Dr Pretorius, “Universal.one™ was established by a team of healthcare and technology experts, using cutting-edge technology developed in Silicon Valley to seamlessly connect patients, healthcare providers, insurers and various other stakeholders on a single digital platform.

“Other Universal.one™ products currently being launched include uConsult.one™ – which provides telemedicine, virtual and home-based care and uActivate.one™ an end-to-end digital insurance underwriting application,” he added.

“With AMI being a physician-owned and led healthcare service provider, professionals across the global health ecosystem can connect for education, innovation and collaboration to reimagine health and wellness using the Universal.one™ platform. The possibilities presented by this are endless.

“I believe that AMI’s healthcare expertise and logistical prowess, partnered with our innovative technology, makes us a formidable team in the fight against the pandemic. To date our partnership has yielded strong results, and we look forward to continuing to conquer the fight against COVID-19 together in the months and years ahead,” Dr Pretorius concludes.