Employee Wellness Programme
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About Universal Employee Wellness Programme (EWP)

"Universal is the right choice for your workforce.."

About Universal 360°The Universal Employee Wellness Programme (EWP) focuses on partnering with client organisations in order to achieve healthy and productive employees.

Our approach is to proactively focus on awareness, education and promotion of health and wellness.

The EWP provides confidential, professional consultation and referral services to address any personal or work concerns that may be affecting the wellbeing of employees and impacting their work performance.

At Universal Healthcare we believe in a total focus on health where an EWP, together with other services, forms part of a continuum of care for employees. Working together with the employer we help organisations and their employees improve productivity, increase employee satisfaction and more                                                       effectively manage health costs.


To be a top performing, world-class healthcare and technology group respected for excellence by providing access to innovative, evidence-based solutions with a caring approach.


We drive to provide access to world-class healthcare and associated technology solutions, and the improvement of human life and wellness. In recognition of this commitment, we strive to ensure the highest quality, scientifically justifiable, cost-effective healthcare to the stakeholders we serve. In pursuit of our mission we aim to achieve excellence. We provide innovative, customised solutions and treat all those we serve with empathy, professionalism and personalised care. We act with honesty and integrity, and are accountable in the way we conduct our business. We pledge to treat one another with loyalty, dignity and respect. We are passionate, performance-driven and continuously measure improvements in productivity, profitability and customer satisfaction. We strive to be a top company to work for and to do business with.