Employee Wellness Programme
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EWP Provider Network

"Universal is the right choice for your workforce.."

Universal EWPUniversal employs permanent staff members and contracts with independent network providers in order to deliver integrated health and wellness services. Staff members are from multi-disciplinary, professional backgrounds and have a wealth of experience and knowledge that enables excellent service delivery. All psychologists, social workers, registered counsellors and legal and financial advisors and consultants are registered with the relevant boards, ensuring a quality and ethical service. Universal’s EWP Head Office is situated in Johannesburg but is well equipped to service corporate clients nationally.

Integral to the services we offer is our national footprint of psychosocial network providers consisting of psychologists, social workers and registered counsellors in all nine provinces of South Africa. These providers all have in common the expertise and passion for addressing employees’ difficulties and problems through the Universal EWP, which is an employer-sponsored, work-based counselling and advisory service. They provide your workers with easy access to psychosocial                                                services and assistance within the areas where they reside or work.

Become a Universal Network Provider

Over the years, Universal has successfully partnered with thousands of network providers. We invite clinical psychologists, counselling psychologists, industrial psychologists, educational psychologists, social workers and registered counsellors to contact us about becoming a Universal network provider to help supplement their income and enhance their career growth.

As a provider, your expertise will further our company's mission of improving the quality of life and wellness of employees and members.

If you want to join Universal EWP as a network provider, send an e-mail to [email protected] for attention: Network Development.