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EWP Services

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Why an EWP?

Personal, work-related and family relationship problems, if left unmanaged, can negatively impact an employer’s bottom line. An investment in an effective EWP can assist in improving health and morale in the workplace and keep employees optimally productive.

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Modular and flexible options

Our flexible service offerings enable employers to choose the programme model that best suits their needs, as well as easily integrate EWP services with work-life and other health and wellness benefits.

Telephone counselling

A professional emotional counselling service provides 24/7/365 access for employees and management. This service is run by Universal’s highly skilled clinicians, allowing us to provide immediate support to those who require it.

Face-to-face counselling
  • Through our network of skilled and professional psychologists, social workers and registered counsellors, the Universal EWP offers a confidential, face-to-face counselling service for issues such as work productivity, work relationships, conflict, personal relationships, alcohol or other substance abuse, family/relationships, adjustment to loss/change and managing stress.
  • Employees can consult with a counsellor in an area that is geographically closest to where they reside or work, at a time that is most convenient to them and with minimal disruption to their work schedules.
  • Our counselling is based on a solution-focused approach, enabling employees to regain or maintain control of their lives in the shortest possible time with minimal disruption and intrusion to their work and personal lives.
Management consulting

The Universal EWP not only offers personal and immediate support to individual employees with mental health or workplace problems, but also provides consultation to management and leadership on a wide range of workplace issues impacting employee, management and organisational health and performance.

Our EWP service offers managers the opportunity to receive impartial, expert advice and guidance focusing on the people side of management. This service enables managers to access professional advice and support to develop the skills to manage specific issues, as well as identify and refer troubled or impaired employees under their supervision.

Some of the issues that managers are assisted with include but are not limited to:

  • Managing the people aspect of change
  • Performance issues
  • Conduct issues
  • Work climate

Training and developmental services are also offered and are aimed at providing more focused, specialised support and skills transfer to embed managerial skills and increase the capabilities of managers in supporting employees who, from time-to-time, experience personal and work-related difficulties. For more information on the training opportunities, please click here.

Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD) and trauma counselling

An unexpected, dramatic event at work can cause affected employees profound shock. The Universal Employee Wellness Programme includes critical incident intervention for traumatic events such as accidents, death, natural disasters, crime, hijacking, etc.

Through our on-site response teams, the Universal EWP provides the necessary support, trauma counselling and education to help employers mitigate the effects of unaddressed trauma. We also help clients re-establish feelings of security, control and normalcy as quickly as possible.

Legal and financial counselling

Universal EWP provides telephonic counselling services with the aim of giving employees quick and easy access to legal and financial information.

These services provide employees with the knowledge they need to effectively resolve their concerns, thus reducing the emotional impact that legal and financial matters can have on workers.

Dependant care advice and referral to resources

Through our vast database of resources and information on health and dependant care services, such as HIV/AIDS support and treatment facilities, elder care, childcare, rehabilitation and psychiatric care facilities, our Universal EWP consultants are equipped to offer information and advice to activate the necessary resources to enable employees to help themselves and their families.

Health and Wellness Days
Executive Health
Health and Wellness Challenges
Coporate Health and Wellness Talks and Workshops
Health and Wellness Consulting
Wellness Library
Health Risk Assessments (HRAs)

The first step in multi-component health promotion programmes is a Health Risk Assessment (HRA). The HRAs are used to provide aggregated data reporting for employers and organisations. This organisation-level report highlights health risk areas that can be used to provide a first step by which organisations can target and monitor appropriate health interventions within their workforce.

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Marketing of EWP services

Ongoing communication and promotion of services are key to ensure traction and sustainability. Various forms of electronic and printed media such as posters, brochures and wallet cards can be utilised to drive awareness of the service. Orientation and annual re-orientation sessions and awareness sessions are also encouraged to ensure a continued awareness.

Management and administration

Each Universal client has their own committed Client Relationship Manager, who manages, coordinates and implements the cohesive programme. The Client Relationship Manager works hand-in-hand with the organisation’s HR/wellness team to ensure that the service is delivered in the most efficient and effective way. They further assist in integrating the EWP services with the organisation’s policies and procedures.

The Client Relationship Manager makes certain that the Universal EWP team is well briefed on the needs and standards required by the organisation in terms of the service level agreement. The Client Relationship Manager also ensures that reporting to the organisation is done on a timely basis, providing relevant and useful information to guide the organisation’s decision-making towards a healthy organisational culture.