Introducing u360TM

Embark on a journey with our innovative product designed to meet the various health and well-being needs of a diverse population. More than just a necessity, our comprehensive product is your essential partner in the pursuit of overall wellness. Discover a complete solution that offers a holistic approach to achieving health and wellness. Step into a world where your well-being is our priority.

Accessing u360TM

To access the full spectrum of the u360™ offering, simply download the App from the Apple iOS and Google Play stores, or sign up via the responsive web app – your companion on the journey to optimal health and wellness.

Empowering Your Health and Wellness Journey, Every Step of the Way

u360™ is your complete wellness companion, an all-encompassing solution that integrates five key service offerings into one seamless experience.


  • With uWellness™, our user-friendly app, wellness is just a tap away.
  • Get instant support with our 24/7 Professional Wellness Counselling service.
  • uConsult™ offers discounted virtual consultations.
  • mediBucks breaks financial barriers with fixed-fee medical and psychosocial consultations.
  • Elevate your holistic health with Universal Rewards, providing exclusive health and wellness partner discounts.

A revolutionary health ecosystem for your wellbeing journey!


This comprehensive wellness app goes beyond the ordinary, addressing all eight dimensions of wellness— emotional, physical, intellectual, social, occupational, financial, spiritual, and environmental.

Packed with the latest research, uWellness™ offers a holistic, interactive approach to total wellbeing.

Experience daily wellness tips, a mood checker, emergency contacts, self-assessments, calculators, health guides, and a breathing coach for relaxation.

Whether you’re at peak health or on your wellness journey, uWellness™, offers around-the-clock support.

Elevate your wellbeing effortlessly.

Simply register for u360™ on the App on any smartphone or by using the responsive web app to access your uWellness™ benefits.

Wellness Counselling

Our 24/7 wellness counselling service offers unlimited telephonic support in all 11 official languages. No extra cost—just a phone call away. Reach us toll-free at 0800 390 003, request a callback or e-mail [email protected].

To access the face-to-face or virtual counselling benefit with our nationwide network of psychosocial providers simply register for u360™ on the App or sign up via the responsive web app. Pre-agreed fees apply, payable with mediBucks.

Your emotional wellbeing is our priority.


Unlock discounted virtual healthcare consultations with the Universal Network of GPs and professional counsellors — all at your fingertips on any connected device.

uConsult™ is not just a telehealth platform; it’s an innovation that effortlessly links you with healthcare providers using cutting-edge technology. Enjoy the ease of accessing quality healthcare services conveniently and cost-effectively. Whether on your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop, uConsult™ ensures healthcare is accessible anytime, anywhere.

What sets us apart? uConsult™ boasts a dedicated network of medical practitioners and professional counsellors available for scheduled appointments at pre-agreed and reduced fixed rates per consultation. Your wellbeing is our priority—seamless, affordable and just a click away!

Experience the future of healthcare with uConsult™.

To access uConsult™, and to find a Universal Network provider, simply register for u360™ on the App or sign up via the responsive web app.


Say goodbye to financial barriers and hello to cost-effective primary care and psychosocial counselling services. Seamlessly access the extensive Universal Network of private healthcare providers at affordable, pre-negotiated rates.

Access affordable healthcare through mediBucks Top-Up, the groundbreaking payment solution for healthcare by Universal.

Getting started is a breeze! Simply register for u360™ on the App or sign up via the responsive web app. When signing up for u360™ you will receive a one-time PIN SMS with instructions to activate your mediBucks Top-Up, giving you the ability to check your balance, top it up, schedule appointments, and benefit from discounted rates.

Universal Rewards Programme

Embrace a holistic approach to wellbeing with exclusive access to health and wellness partners.

With the Universal Rewards Programme, you gain VIP access to discounts on premium products and services from our esteemed health and wellness partners.

From nutrition and fitness to preventative health screenings, our programme caters to your diverse needs.

To instantly unlock discounts and access a range of partners on the Universal Rewards Programme, simply register for u360™ on the App or sign up via the responsive web app.

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Elevate your wellbeing effortlessly with u360™.

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