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A Revolutionary Healthcare Ecosystem

The Journey to Innovation

Universal has evolved into a multinational corporation with 16 subsidiaries worldwide. We have established an advanced healthcare technology innovation hub in Big Tech territory – San Francisco, California, where we have access to some of the best talent in the world to develop our strategy for digital transformation in healthcare, bringing it back to South Africa to ensure we provide leading-edge healthcare solutions.

We have developed a multisided healthcare technology platform named, which serves as the basis of an entirely new health and wellness ecosystem.

The Following Instructions Outline the Initial Steps for Use of the Application

Download and Install

Simply download the App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and follow the prompts on your smart phone or tablet to install.

Open the App and register with your medical scheme member number and dependant code.

Advancements in Managing Medical Schemes

Our vision is to provide access to quality healthcare for everyone, supported by innovative technology and a caring approach, all on one single healthcare platform.

The App offers an enhanced user experience for members of CompCare Medical Scheme, Massmart Health Plan, Old Mutual Staff Medical Aid Fund, and Tiger Brands Medical Scheme, with additional functionality and user-friendly features to navigate your medical scheme membership profile.

Access a wide range of advantages and services that aim to streamline and enhance your healthcare experience providing unparalleled convenience.

Unlocking the Power of the App

  • Quick access to your digital membership card and scheme membership details
  • Easy submission of claims and tracking your medical scheme expenses
  • Simple registration of chronic conditions and chronic medication prescriptions
  • Pre-authorisation requests
  • Access to your tax certificates
  • View and download membership certificates
  • Access to weekly and monthly statements
  • Chat with an agent on-line
  • Submit enquiries
  • Receive In-App messages

Enhanced Healthcare Services and Seamless Interactions with uConsult™

In addition to major advancements in the way we manage medical schemes, the Healthcare Ecosystem features uConsult™. uConsult™ is accessible to everyone, whether or not they belong to a medical scheme or insurance plan. The platform enables seamless interaction between patients and healthcare providers. With uConsult™, you can access healthcare from anywhere, at any time via any connected device, without needing to download any special software or apps. It offers a range of features that include generating electronic prescriptions, radiology and pathology requests, referrals to specialists, issuing sick notes, generating electronic health records, a chat functionality and much more.



We also believe in encouraging those who are well to live and maintain healthy lives. That is why we are excited to introduce our latest innovative and user-centric product that takes healthcare to a new dimension. uWellness™ empowers individuals to manage all eight dimensions of their well-being – emotional, physical, intellectual, social, occupational, financial, spiritual, and environmental. uWellness™ provides individuals with well-researched wellness surveys and health calculators, validated health guides, a mood checker, and daily bite-sized tips to keep holistic well-being top-of-mind and ensure that individuals remain engaged. uWellness™ puts wellness in your pocket, 24/7.

Embark on a journey with our innovative product designed to meet the various health and well-being needs of a diverse population. More than just a necessity, our comprehensive product is your essential partner in the pursuit of overall wellness. Discover an all-encompassing solution that offers a holistic approach to achieving health and wellness. Step into a world where your well-being is our priority.

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